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Model X 2012


IPMS Auckland put on a stunning display of work at Model-X held at West-Wave over Queen's Birthday Weekend. Our stand was adjacent to the Waikato Scale Modellers display and this created a nice overall display with lots of variety. In addition to our display, a massive effort was put into the kids' Airfix "Build & Take" sponsored by Toyworld Henderson. This event gave over 60 children their first taste of plastic model making. Completing our show was the Airfix Vickers Valiant speed build - once again sponsored by Toyworld Henderson.

Massive thanks must go out to Bob Cox for being constantly available throughout the show.  Peter Foxley led the childrens' build & take team and was hugely assisted by Liam Winterton, Dimitri Berdebes, John Watkins & Peter Harrison. The Airfix Valiant build was powered along by a consortium from Auckland, Napier and Waikato club members, so take a bow, Henry "the Helicopter" Ludlam, Dimitri Berdebes, Lisa Higham (Napier), Peter Harrison, Peter Foxley,  Brett Peacock, John Weir, and Andrew Taylor (Waikato). Invaluable help on our main stand came from Peter Mossong, John Weir, Bob Cox, Brett Sharman, Duncan Sue, Arthur Winterton &  Barry Burton. Thank you to everyone who came along on Friday night to help set up and Monday afternoon to pack up and of course to everyone who made the effort to get their models on the display table.





On the Tables:

Dalek, Robbie the Robot, Wallace & Gromit Sidecar by Dimitri Berdebes

Angel Interceptor "Red Arrows" by Henry Ludlam

Me 410, Henschel HS129, Me262 reconnaisance, Fw 190s by Brett Peacock

Me 163, Aircobra "Red Tails", Bristol Bloodhound by John Watkins

Fairey Swordfish, Blohm & Voss Bv141, Spitfires, Seafury, Wyvern by Peter Harrison

F16, Raptor, F18, Hawker Hunter, by Brett Sharman

P36 Seversky & P51 by Barry Burton

1/32 Spitfire, & Hind by John Darlington

Rusty hot rods and muscle car by John Weir


Kids at work.    
Kids at work...    
Valiant speed-build underway....    
Michael Jones chipping in...    
Ceremonial sprue cutting for the Valiant speed-build    
The Valiant build continues. At pace... apparently...    
Valiant completed!    
Valiant completed!     
Valiant completed!  Bombay detail.    
Valiant completed!  The underside.    
Valiant completed!  On the IPMS Auckland stand.