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Decal Review - 1/32 RNZAF A-4K/TA-4K Skyhawk "Lizard Schemes"


Ronin Decals [RD32-026] Limited Edition

1/32 scale decals for RNZAF A-4K and TA-4K Skyhawk aircraft of No. 2 & No. 75 Squadron, in "Lizard Scheme" wrap-around camouflage of the late 1980's to early 1990's.

The sheet provides National markings (4 roundels), Squadron emblem markings, stencil data and all serial numbers as follows:

A-4K        NZ6201 to NZ6218

TA-4K        NZ6251 to NZ6256

The sheet provides National markings sufficient only for one aircraft, but enough of the other markings for additional aircraft provided the modeller can source the National markings required (Ventura Decals for example do a sheet in 1/48 of RNZAF roundels (set V4890) - the diameter of the larger roundels may be close enough for 1/32 scale (to be confirmed) - although it looks like you may need 2 sheets to get the correct number of roundels with the Kiwi facing to the right...)

The set includes a single sheet of decals and 4 A4 sheets consisting of colour profiles and plans and a black and white sheet indicating stencil placement.

The decals themselves are beautifully printed with a minimum of carrier film and crisp registration.

The set would suit the new Trumpeter A-4 kits or the venerable Hasegawa offerings (Hasegawa's TA-4J being the only 2-seat option in 1/32).  Some scratch building would be required to model the subtle differences introduced by the Kahu upgrades - HUD glass, VOR antenna on the fin, rear ECM antenna, upper fuselage strobe light, nav beacon moved from left undercarriage fairing to right, wingtip ECM antenna, wingtip underside lights, etc - check your references for individual airframes.  Also see Bruce Salmons excellent article in ScaleMail March 2012 for his TA-4K build and Kahu additions.

Decals were sourced from Roy at Southern Sky Models, priced at AUS $24.95 plus postage and packaging (which worked out to be about AUS $4.50).

UPDATE: Southern Sky Decals are now out of stock and it's believed that no more will be available from Ronin Decals.  So grab them if you can find them.....!